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Investor Relations

Start-up capital and investment funds are critical to our business viability and growth. To our newly onboard and treasured shareholders, we deeply appreciate your trust and confidence in our company and we shall use our best endeavors to strive for a good Return on Investment (ROI) for you.

Fund Raising

As a start-up company incorporated on 1 October 2020, Talentsis aims to be a new-age talent acquisition and staffing company offering our services to targeted corporate customers. Our vision is simple and clear – to be one of the best and most dynamic staffing companies in the Asia Pacific region. Talentsis welcomes start-up capital and investment funds to support our start-up and business growth activities, from like-minded angel investors and venture capitalists who believe in our vision.

Capital Management Policy

Talentsis seeks to enhance shareholder value by capturing business opportunities as they develop.  To achieve this goal, Talentsis seeks to maintain sufficient capital to support its businesses. 

Shareholder Return Policy

Talentsis will strive to pay dividends using a payout ratio of 25% of its annual earnings as a key indicator.  Dividends will in-principle be paid on an annual basis.  The payout ratio may be adjusted based on a comprehensive range of factors including but not limited to prevailing market conditions, cash requirements to support ongoing business growth, changes to the regulatory environment and the company’s consolidated financial performance.

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