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Manpower Outsourcing

Progressive companies outsource part or whole of their selected HR and business functions to a third party service provider so as to focus on their core business. At Talentsis, our manpower outsourcing model enables staffing flexibility and scalability which will greatly benefit our customers. We help to streamline the hiring and staff onboarding processes to allow for timely and effective staff deployment. As your outsourced service partner, Talentsis will help to deliver the services based on agreed service levels and key performance indicators (KPIs) to the delight of our customers.

The key benefits of manpower outsourcing are:
  • Ability to readily assemble an experienced team to help manage your HR and business operations
  • Simplified Hiring & Faster Deployment
  • Overcome Headcount Limitation & Constraint
  • Support Business Expansion & Growth
  • Gap-filled Solution for Specialized Skillsets
  • Undertake the Assignment on Full Outsourcing Model
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We provide and recommend Manpower Outsourcing models across multiple positions for most industry sectors.

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Exploring to outsource?

Manpower Outsourcing is long-termed solution to manage your non-critical business functions or operations. We can readily assemble a dedicated and experienced team for you. 

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We help to define your personalized Manpower Outsourcing Model that best fits.

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