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Article By Talentsis - 23 Nov 2020

Talentsis defines IT Staffing as the hiring of IT professionals on a contractual basis over a specified duration.

IT Staffing is a popular choice of employment amongst our clients in the Technology, IT and ICT space because these companies tend to hire potential candidates on projects basis (i.e. months to years) and usually any continuation of employment will be subjected to company’s discretion as well as individual’s performance. This form of employment allows flexibility and rotation for an individual to work in different organisations and IT projects and for an organisation to have the option to convert a good performing employee during / right after the contract.

As Singapore flexes our standing as Asia’s technology capital and with the issuance of upcoming Special Tech Pass in January 2021, Talentsis sees an upward trend for IT Staffing in the next few years.

Covid-19 has also accelerated the digital transformation journeys for many organisations and traditional service offering or products were reinvented into a suite of digital e-offerings such as online and e-commence services to consumers. These initiatives have also fueled a high demand for IT professionals.

Some of the typical IT Staffing positions we assist our clients to recruit: –

1. IT Project Managers (Application / Infrastructure)
2. IT Service Delivery Manager
3. Solution Architects
4. SAP Consultants (Functional / Techno-Functional / ABAP / BASIS)
5. Software Developers (Java / Dot Net)
6. Mobile Application Developers (Android / IOS)
7. Enterprise Application Consultants (SAP)
8. Database Administrators (Oracle / MS SQL Server)
9. Systems Administrators (Network / System)
10. Service Management Professionals
11. Technical Support Specialists
12. Business Analysts
13. Security Consultants
14. Data Professionals (Analytics / Virtualization)

The software development life cycle (SDLC) or project life cycle expectancy spans over from months to multi-years thus the required professionals need to have the pre-requisites and hit the road running. 

Talentsis will be your go-to service provider for IT Staffing employment. We have in-depth experience employing IT professionals to undertake our clients’ IT projects. Our clientele includes large multi-national corporations, financial institutions, fin-tech, technology start-ups and government-linked projects.

Talentsis’s IT staffing processes as follows :-

1. Our client to appoint Talentsis as the IT staffing partner
2. Talentsis will source or client to refer suitable IT professionals to be hired
3. Talentsis will offer employment to the identified IT professionals and arrange for the necessary work passes where required
4. Talentsis’s IT employee to commence work at client’s designation office and to undertake agreed project(s) as communicated during interview(s)
5. Talentsis will provide comprehensive staff management including on-boarding activities, payroll processing, leave administration, claims administration, resignation and termination, and other matters during the contractual duration

Talentsis strongly believes in driving business excellence and delivering quality services. We are processes / procedures driven and will ensure consistency in delivery of our services. We also believe in taking good care of our employees as people are key to all businesses.

Our consultants are IT savvy and as a result, we can fully understand our clients’ hiring requirements as well as engaging in a discussion.

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