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Article By Talentsis - 21 Dec 2020

Recruitment For Fintech Industry


fintech recruitment market

Many FinTech companies with global operations have chosen Singapore as the hub for business expansion. The finance industry has experienced relentless waves of digitalisation thus causing certain traditional banking methods to have become less relevant. As a result, the traditional banks must keep up with market trends and consumers demand to improve on digitalising their services.


The rise of FinTech industry has inevitably created many new job opportunities as businesses are constantly looking out for suitably skilled professionals with relevant banking experience to build, solve and execute the new-age digital financial solutions. With the award of four new digital banking licenses in Singapore this year, this has also created competition for local talent amongst the newly awarded organisations i.e. Singtel & Grab, SEA Limited, Ant Financial and Greenland Consortium.



REcruitment challenges in fintech industry

Today, many companies are aligning their business strategies to improve consumer experience and banks are targeting at the next generation of banking. With the need for digitalisation, this created a surge of opportunities for newly created roles in the job market especially FinTech recruitment.  



the skills gap 

FinTech companies are facing challenges in attracting and sourcing for the right talent due to many organisations hiring the same type of roles at the same time and Singapore being a country with lack of sufficient tech resources.


In this competitive market, it is crucial for FinTech companies to focus on recruitment as well as retention strategies. There is a need to devise new way of recruitment for talent acquisition teams.



finding the right fit FOR fintech companies

Many banking professionals are considering a mid-career switch to the FinTech industry. This causes an increase number of job applicants for FinTech roles and as a result, internal talent acquisition recruiters need to work doubly hard to sieve out suitable candidates while other small FinTech setups are facing challenge of finding suitable candidates with compatible skillsets at the right salary range.


FinTech companies have since collaborated with recruitment agencies for FinTech recruitment services as we all understand that managing voluminous hiring can be over-whelming and time-consuming for internal Talent Acquisition teams.




benefits of ENGAGING TALENTSIS FOR fintech REcruitment


Expertise in fintech recruitment

Collaborating with recruitment agencies can help FinTech companies gain an edge over their competitors as these recruiters are typically experienced in sourcing and building a strong team of FinTech professionals who can help to play strategic pivot roles to accelerate business.   


In Talentsis, we are a team of experienced recruiters with both in-house banking technology recruitment and FinTech recruitment experience coupled with extensive agency experience that can help you solve recruitment issues.


extensive database

Talentsis has built up our professional and personal contacts in this industry. Therefore, we have the ability in reaching out to a wider pool of talents and having a higher chance of sourcing for top-quality candidates. Our consultants are also equipped with market-leading tools and sourcing methods that can help them reach out to highly qualified candidates.

Below are some of the roles in the FinTech sector that Talentsis is capable of sourcing the best talents for your organizations.


·       Head of Product Management

·       Head of Sales & Marketing

·       Head of Business Development

·       Head of Digital Transformation

·       Head of Compliance 

·       Head of Legal Counsel (Digital Bank)

·       Product Manager i.e.: Wealth Management, e-Wallet, Robo Advisory

·       Financial Data Analyst

·       Quantitative Analyst

·       Compliance Manager

·       Project Manager i.e.: Digital Bank, Robo Advisory, Digital Payment etc

·       UI/UX Designer

·       Digital Marketer

·       Front-End Developer 

·       Full Stack / Back-End Developer

·       Digital Sales Executive

·       Quality Assurance Manager (Automation Testing)

·       Solution Architect

·       DevOps Specialist

·       Infrastructure Engineer / Manager

·       Infrastructure Developer

·       Data Scientist

·       Data Analytics Analyst 

·       Cloud Operations Specialist

·       AML Operations Specialist

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