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Recruitment of Sustainability and Climate Change Talents and Trends – by Talentsis Pte Ltd



 20 May 2021


OVERVIEW OF Sustainability


Sustainability is becoming more important for all businesses across all industries. It is also an important enabler and innovation opportunity for many businesses to inspire and innovate. Insights have shown that more businesses collaboratively pledge to achieve a more sustainable future and create a better working world for everyone. It is important to create a long-term strategy and value by doing well and doing good to help the world become more ecological, sociable, and economical environment.


We see an upward trend in increasing job opportunities in the sustainability and green jobs industries. These jobs primarily drive overall corporate sustainability related initiatives or solutions and articulate the progress to stakeholders.



how is sustainability relevant to us?


Sustainability is becoming crucial to competing in today’s business world. It is a collaborative effort for organisations to achieve a sustainable future. It is no longer an option to incorporate sustainability in our business strategy. With the recent growing number of sustainability related regulations and requests from both government and businesses, this has created a new wave of job opportunities in the job market to help future-proof businesses.


Sustainability initiatives can help to contribute to the overall success of organisations. We understand that studies have shown that the most sustainable companies are also most profitable at the same time. Although this effort might seem counterintuitive that spending more money can aid in generating more profits.



extensive CANDIDATES’ database


Due to the shortage of talents, having an extensive database will aid in gaining wider access to the sustainability talent pool. Our consultants in Talentsis have garnered strong professional and personal contacts in this industry and can harness their network of contacts to help identify suitable candidates. By reaching out to a wider pool of talents, our consultants have a higher success rate of sourcing for best-quality candidates for our clients.


Besides, sustainability- related roles require consultants to be precise when sourcing for suitable candidates. Our consultants in Talentsis are experienced in IT, Technology and Corporate recruitment. With the competitive advantage of our extensive candidates’ database in Talentsis, all companies who need to recruit sustainability-related professionals, can certainly count on us to deliver the prospective candidates.



Below are some of the roles in Sustainability that Talentsis is capable of sourcing the best talents for your organizations.:


  • Associate Director, Group Sustainability
  • Assistant Manager / Manager, Group Sustainability
  • Corporate Strategy Consultant, Group Sustainability
  • Risk Assurance, Climate Change Senior Associate
  • Sustainability Specialists / Program Managers




Talentsis is a new-age IT and technology recruitment firm specialising in IT, Technology, and Corporate recruitment and staffing services. Our consultants in Talentsis are competent and proficient in recruiting for trending roles. As a specialist in the Recruitment industry, our consultants can understand companies’ situations in terms of shortage of the right talents and are able to offer immediate solutions. Hence, our consultants can leverage their knowledge and expertise to source and identify the most qualified candidates that meets the companies’ hiring needs.


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