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The world is becoming dependent on technology that it has become an integral part of our daily lives. Technology has influenced our way of working, how we used to conduct daily meetings and accessibility to travel etc.


With the fast-paced developments in emerging technologies, it is important for companies to constantly pursue towards innovation advancements to keep up with the technological trends in this digital age. Not only that, the acceleration in the pace of change towards digitalisation must be taken into consideration while streamlining outdated processes.


As the pace of global adoption in technology continues to rise, it causes a huge surge in labour demand in the technology recruitment scene. This has become a rising concern as the demand far surpasses the supply of talent in the world of technology. Due to the shortage of the talents, companies then find it difficult to hire skilled professionals with the right technical skillsets.

More companies are requesting to hire local talents in 2021. Due to shortage of technology talents in Singapore, technology recruitment agencies will need to work doubly hard and ensure extremely fast turnaround time.


Technology Recruitment in 2021 and beyond


The pandemic has reshaped technology trends and fast-tracked digitalisation across companies. It has become a competitive differentiator for how businesses are going to work as they aim to be better prepared for unprecedented times. It will then determine how tech companies can thrive in the next normal and become more competitive through technology.


From digital transformation to business growth, tech companies will need to manage their priorities and reassess digital initiatives to better serve customers and understand their needs. In the digital economy, speed of implementation as well as innovative competitiveness will measure the success of digital transformation.

Individuals who wish to build a career in the technology
sector need to have competitive edge in terms of acquiring new technical skills
to upskill. By having the right technical skillsets and adaptability to learn,
job seekers will be able to make themselves more marketable.


Most In-Demand Technology Roles


Technology recruitment involves a strong technical foundation in terms of programming languages and types of tech systems that will be used by every other companies. Many technical skills require extensive training and hands-on experience to master the language. Therefore, it is crucial to source people with the right technical skills so they can then perform specific tasks based on the different technology requirements.


At Talentsis, our consultants are well-trained and specialised in IT and Technology recruitment. We have an extensive database of candidates including local talents. Some of the roles we primarily recruit for our clients include the following:


  • Data Management Professionals
  • Data Science and Data Analytics
  • UI / UX Designers
  • Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Front-End / Full-Stack / Back-End Developers
  • Software Development / Application Professionals
  • SAP Professionals
  • Application Testing Professionals
  • System Engineers
  • Network Engineers


TALENTSIS’ Expertise in Technology Recruitment


As technology is constantly evolving and reshaping, it is essential for companies to hire skilled technical professionals to keep up with the rapid pace. Therefore, technology talents are in growing market demand at this current moment as companies are seeking to accelerate their digitalisation efforts to stay afloat during unforeseen crisis situations or prepare for the next disaster.


Talentsis is a new-age IT and technology recruitment firm specialising in IT, Technology, and Corporate recruitment and staffing services. The consultants in Talentsis are competent and proficient in the Technology industry. As a specialist in the Technology Recruitment industry, our consultants can understand companies’ situation in terms of shortage of the right talents and are able to offer solutions. Hence, our consultants can leverage their knowledge and expertise to source and identify the most qualified candidates that meets the companies’ hiring needs.


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