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Tips To Attract Top IT Talents by Talentsis Pte Ltd



In this highly competitive digital environment, the importance for organisations to speed up digitalisation plans is required to stay competitive. In addition to the increasing speed of technological evolution, it is evident that organisations are under great pressure to adapt to work-transforming automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


As Information Technology is weaved into every business plan, many organisations are facing the lack of right talents for IT professionals and it is becoming a worrying concern for governments and business sectors.


To stay relevant in the digital transformation journey, a new generation of multidisciplinary individuals are required to execute the company’s digital transformation strategies. As such, the adoption of planned recruitment strategy is needed to attract the best talents to apply in the company and keep up with the new technologies in this digital economy.




We understand that the standard recruitment practice is to utilise the various job portals to post job advertisements and source for the best and suitable profiles. While the efforts of doing so is seen quite labour intensive, there are definitely challenges to find the best tech talents. Recruitment consultants will need an indirect approach to sourcing as technology employees seldom reply to a full-on headhunting call. Therefore, we need to understand what platforms these individuals leverage on so that we can approach potential candidates subtly and build up the network or relationships from there.


Since the demand for IT professionals has continued to increase tremendously and attracting or retaining top-notch tech talent has become a challenge for many organisations as well. More companies are willing to go further and provide attractive salary package to the most skilled candidates. Due to the nature of work, tech workers’ requirements are getting more complicated and extensive, and they are no longer happy with just a bare minimum salary. Tech talents are also looking out for a good working environment and latest technologies to work on. Therefore, Talentsis is here to help companies who are currently facing such challenges, to gain a competitive edge and increase their chances of attracting top tech professionals to join their organisations.







While posting of job advertisements via various job portals / recruitment platforms are essential, it is not enough. Only active job seekers will be the only audience that will look through the list of job postings, and the best talents are no longer looking out. Therefore, we must build through network and reach out directly to potential individuals.




We understand that recruiting is not just about finding the right talents, but also convincing them to join and to be retained in the company. In this digital age, the world has become more dynamic in terms of technology transformation and with more new technologies being developed, tech talents are eager to acquire new skills so that they can continue to contribute and stay relevant to the organisation. Thus, it is important that organisations are constantly investing and providing training to tech talents so that they will not feel stagnant into their roles. One common reason why an IT professional is seeking for a change is often due to the absence of learning and growth opportunities.





We have to admit that an employer’s branding plays a crucial part. People are more interested to work for a company with a clear purpose and is a safe environment. The company’s reputation plays a crucial decision-making factor for job seekers. Additionally, one way to build your employer brand in the tech scene is by showcasing the great benefits the company provides. Ultimately, the goal is to attract and retain top IT talents who are interested to join your organisation.




Talentsis is a new-age IT and technology recruitment firm specialising in IT, Technology, and Corporate recruitment and staffing services. Our consultants in Talentsis are competent and proficient in the Technology industry. As a specialist in the Technology Recruitment industry, our consultants can understand companies’ situations in terms of shortage of the right talents and are able to offer immediate solutions. Hence, our consultants can leverage their knowledge and expertise to source and identify the most qualified candidates that meets the companies’ hiring needs.


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